[MID week 11] Superfície: first version

• 24/04:
Practice. Start building the costume. Implement live looping for sound and video. Go deeper into the concept and understand how that applies to each of the elements.

As I mentioned last week, I decided not to go into the looping implementations for this performance. In class this week we will have the user testing, which in my case will be an open rehearsal, and I will be presenting a first version of this performance in expo’74 over the weekend. In that sense, I had to have a working version of the performance in all its elements.

Through rehearsal, I worked on the mapping of both sound and video, getting to a place in which I feel like I can embody them enough for the showings this week. I am, though, having a little bit of trouble with the computer’s performance. Last week a classmate suggested that I had two computers, but I wasn’t having performance issues back then, and now it seems like trying to pass the Kinect information through network would be a bit too much for the time I have. That may be an implementation for the final performance. Still, I am learning how the performance issues work, and they are becoming part of the performance in itself.

I tested a few other fabric options, but decided to stick with my first plan, so I am now in the process of sewing the skirt, and I’ll buy the top. In this video I was testing another fabric option that didn’t work well, but that is the closest I could get with the clothes that I had.

Considering my execution plan, I am in a good enough place with the tech, but as a performance, this is still very fragile. I feel like the sound doesn’t really speak to my concept, but I would probably need more time to do it consistently. Still, I understand this performance as an exploration of texture and space, specially perceiving the body and memory as a texturized space. In that sense, I want to record the chroma videos again with a proper screen, giving a new tone to my actions, and exploring close-up textures. For the sound, I want to use voice samples, create a drum set with body sounds, and see how I can add those to my current mapping.

Still, my first step probably has to be transposing the jitter code into openGL, so I can get a better framerate and have more control over the system.

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