[MID week 12] Costume, performance in expo’74, conclusions from feedback session

• 01/05:
Practice and practice and practice! Finish costume and practice with it. Understand what is essential and simplify interface for final performance.

This week, I presented a first version of this performance in Cycling 74’s expo’74. I had to work fast in the costume so I could get it done, but that meant that I didn’t have as much time to work on the concept as I wanted.

I didn’t find the top that I wanted, so I sewed the skirt and bought a see through top and bottom that went well with it. In the end, I like it more than I like the skirt. I like its movement and texture, but I feel like it should be shorter. I will probably cut it a little bit for the final performance.

The feedback session in last week’s class was very useful both technically and conceptually. I had opposing feedback on whether the mapping should be clear to the audience or not, so I feel like it should be clear enough so that it is understandable that my movement changes parameters, but not enough that the audience and me can anticipate the output. I have settled on the idea that I wrote in the end of last week’s blog post about the sound and visuals needing to be redone, but I didn’t start doing that yet. I have started to deal with Shaders, but couldn’t figure out how to actually implement all of them in the video. Still, I think I was able to play with the delayed response of the system in the actual performance, which makes me think that I am actually embodying the controls as I was planning to. The mapping is very basic, but it is set in a way that creates challenge to my body movement, making it so that I can keep being surprised by the system all the time.

Next week is my in class final presentation, to which I want to work on the sound, creating a drum set from my body sounds, and a granular synthesizer from voice samples. I still need to work in switching the videos to OpenGL, so that I can get better processing and faster bpm, but other than that, I should be focusing on the sound work. There’s still a lot of work in both video, space and movement, but for the purpose of this class, I am going to dedicate whatever time I have left to working on the sound.

Here are a few pictures of the performance in the conference.

[thanks Matt Ross for the photos!]

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