3D me in the Unreal world

  • Import your scan into Unreal Engine 4
    • Create 1 realistic physics asset and 1 experimental physics asset
    • Create 1 idle, walk, run sequence for your scan.
  • Document the process and results for all of these tasks and post to your blog
    • What did you discover? What worked and what didn’t? Were there specific parts of the process that were confusing or difficult?

I imported my scan to UE4, and deleted all the physics assets that it automatically assigned, so I could remake it the way I wanted.


Once I finished assembling the body, I tried putting the constraints in place, but I didn’t really manage to do it. I can see the UE interface used in the tutorial is a bit different, but I honestly believe I just got lost somewhere in the process, because kept on not finding the paths he told me to follow for too long. In the end, I was only able to explore a few of the tools, but didn’t really go very far with anything.

Here I was trying to understand how the constraints worked, but I didn’t find the mode shown in the tutorial, and the way the constraints appeared to me in the software were also different, so I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. (Love the prismatic one, though).

After long hours I realized I messed up while importing the animations, because they wouldn’t appear to me when I import them into the program, so I didn’t have access to the animation window before. I also realized I got lost into how to apply the texture, so I tried, and ended up with my texture all weird around the mesh… Then I just applied other textures to myself to have some joy in being so messy, and this is me after failing hard in doing this assignment:

gel crop.gif

Readings: Avatars & Violence

“The truth about video games and gun violence” made me really surprised when stating that conservatives are the ones usually pointing our violence in games. Who’s addressing the bigger issue stated by Kocurek in the conclusion?

I believe the Modding community in games is the place in which we see how violent and misogynist we are as a society, but I feel like autonomy by itself only leads to more violence and oppression. Are there people working on different ways of creating online gaming communities, such as proposed in the first week’s reading “The Sims of the Oppressed”? What possibilities do we have?

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