Labs 4: servo motor control + Lab 5: tone output

This week we are having some time to review, so I worked on the project that I was building over the other labs – which is nothing special, honestly, I was just trying to fully understand the concepts and the components.


The servo control lab was pretty straight forward, I just checked my component’s datasheet to check which wire was what, connected it all and followed he instructions for the code.


The tone output gave me a bit more of work, because I didn’t have a speaker, so I tried doing it with a buzzer and I didn’t realize that it should be connected differently. I started by connecting the buzzer the same way that the lab says to connect the speaker, so I was powering it the whole time, and it had a lot of noise and couldn’t distinguish the tone, though when covering one of the photocells I could recognize a small change in noise pitch.

I also didn’t know the frequency range of the buzzer, and in the datasheet it said 2300+-500, which didn’t help me much. I tried many different ranges, but in the end when I correctly connected it to the board, it worked fine.

I still think there is a lot going on that I am not completely aware of, such as the implications of the voltage divider, but I believe that being able to redo the labs helped me out in better understanding a lot of things. Also, I have been attending the Light Art Group meetings and last week we started working with Neopixels, which made me more comfortable about the things we are doing in class.

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