Very normal chat

Live Web week 2

Assignment 2:
Get up and running with Node.js on Digital Ocean and the example Chat Application. Try to extend it a bit, make it better, more fun.

For this week’s assignment, I made a very normal chat. Since I am super new to developing web applications, it took me a very long time to understand how the server was working, and then I took a deep dive into some javascript and CSS basics. I made a list of things that I wanted to implement to make a very normal chat room, and I haven’t got all of them done yet, but I went through many of them:

• see my own messages
• add usernames
• invert message order
• send message when hit return
• clear text input when message is sent
• add border to chat div
• add scrollable box
• make box scroll automatically to last message
• send username only once until the other person says something
• make the input+button the same width of the chat box

Here are some screenshots of what its looking like:


Link to server.
Link to code.

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