Speculative poster for Atlas

Designing Club Culture week 2

Assignment 2:
Create a speculative concert/tour poster for a music artist of your choosing.

My idea was to create a poster for a festival produced by Atlas — the collective that I am part of. We’ve been talking about organizing a quadraphonic music festival for a good few years now, and we have the name and concept, so I thought that was a good starting point for this assignment.

My first action was to experiment with some colors and figure out what reminds me of Atlas and of the event that I wanted to design for.

I was never part of any graphic design working groups in this collective, so I decided to take a look at the materials that we used for our most significant events until now. Here are some of them:

Most of the reds and oranges are more saturated than the colors that I first chose, but my favorite design is the one with the dinosaurs, and the vibe of the event definitely resonates more with something more calm. Still, I wanted it to be colorful, so I decided to experiment a bit with the colors, shapes, and fonts. Knowing that all the past posters use hand made elements, I decided to start in my iPad. Here are some of the studies:

I ended up liking the process of doing it by hand, but I only realized when I was too far ahead that taking it to the computer wouldn’t be an easy task, since I wasn’t using a layer-based software, and therefore I ended up doing all of it on my iPad. The software that I was using doesn’t have a text tool, and I can crop the image and move the slice around, but I cannot scale or rotate, so doing the layout in this app was really not a good idea. I had to redo every little thing from scratch every time that it didn’t align or the color stopped making sense, so I decided to leave it at that.


I would love for the fonts other than PANTALASSA and ATLAS to be computer fonts, and there’s no need to use that many colors. I’m sure it would be very different if I had decided to do it in the computer, and I don’t really like it if trying to approach it as a finished thing. Still, the process of thinking through the concept, the colors, and the experiments that I’ve done prior to actually trying to put it together was very valuable.







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