[MID week 8] From midterm to final worksheets

// sound design

• Ideal goals [co-creation]:
A set of instruments that can be activated by specific gestures or buttons, creating possibilities fora full length track-based performance. In co-creation with the performer’s movements and live sounds, it would sound like a whole album, with polished transitions and smooth effects and timber manipulation.

• Realistic goals [control]:
A mid length performance with a start and an end, handling a fixed number of instruments and live loops, with polished transitions, and smooth effects and timber manipulation. It would sound like a song.

• Minimum goals [translation]:
A set of rules that read through the performer’s movements and create sound out of that. It could be an installation and a short performance. It would sound as a math experiment.

// interactivity and motion design

• Ideal goals [co-creation]:
The performer has embodied the rules, knowing the paths to certain sounds, and being able to improvise and create audiovisual material through movement while responding to whatever comes as an output from the machine.

• Realistic goals [control]:
The performer knows the mathematical logic behind the rules, and controls the parameters with her body, aiming for whatever audiovisual material she wants as an output.

• Minimum goals [translation]:
The performer or the user move in front of the sensor carelessly, creating audiovisuals as a response for whatever they’re doing.

// lighting and video design

• Ideal goals [co-creation]:
Video manipulation based on the concept of memory and identity, continuing from what was presented in Surface. The video would act as light, but also there would be an LED structure to provide light to the moving body at certain points. It would all be generated in co-creation with the movement and sound, being a single performance piece.

• Realistic goals [control]:
Video manipulation of textures and places, broadly touching on the topic of identity and memory. The projection should act as light, being controlled by the performer.

• Minimum goals [translation]:
Video manipulation of textures, also just translating the movement of the performer or the users in a logic way, showing the math behind our movement.

// space design

• Ideal goals [co-creation]:
There is an LED structure that contains the performer. The kinect is in front, on the ground, and the projector comes from the top, slightly to the front. The performer wears a see-through costume that interacts in an interesting way with the kinect data and video.

• Realistic goals [control]:
There is a projector coming from the top front, and another one in the front back. They both project the same things. The performer wears a see-through costume that interacts in an interesting way with the kinect data and video.

• Minimum goals [translation]:
There’s a projector or a screen, a table for the computer and the kinect. There is no deeper development considering the space.


// execution plan

• 03/04:
Finishing this plan.

• 10/04:
Being able to gather all the depth, camera and skeleton data from Processing and send it to Max or decide on [dp.kinect] and buy the object. Polish and simplify the interface created for the midterms. Add a simple video patch to test computer performance.

• 17/04:
Practice with the 1, 2 and 3 dimensional joint distance objects that I created in Max, and see which ones are interesting for which kind of sound manipulation. Select instruments and effects to go forward with the project. Map all of it together. Test fabrics in kinect and start designing the costume.

• 24/04:
Practice. Start building the costume. Implement live looping for sound and video. Go deeper into the concept and understand how that applies to each of the elements.

• 01/05:
Practice and practice and practice! Finish costume and practice with it. Understand what is essential and simplify interface for final performance.

• 08/05:
Practice and polish!

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