[MID week 4] Interaction design exercises


1. Apply Verplank’s IxD framework to your project – a second pass, after getting feedback from your partner in class. Remember you are not limited to just one metaphor, scenario, control, etc.

2. Place your project on the 7-axis dimension space diagram. What features are a priority to you? To your target audience? Feel free to change the number of axes and the dimension they represent.

3. Describe at least three feel/know/do cycles for your project. Be specific. Prototype at least two, and have someone else try it. Your prototype can take any form, including you acting as Wizard of Oz. Document your test and findings.

I had a lot of trouble trying to fit this project into the assignment, for somehow I felt like I was forcing a process that didn’t fit my proposition, but in the end it helped me out in figuring out some very interesting possibilities. I started with the 7-axis dimension space, which resulted in the following image:

That helped me out in understanding that, in Verplank’s cycle, this project is certainly a cool media with continuous control, and the performer should know the interaction as a map. From that, I thought about three possibilities of interaction:

Feel: their body
Know: their body’s needs
Do: respond to their needs through movement

Know: that something emerges from the relation
Do: respond to the emergence through movement
Feel: what the emergence causes in them and in the space

Know: what changes when they move
Feel: what they want to be the program’s output
Do: perform the movements needed to get there

I still haven’t quite figured out how to use the design process in this project, because I think most parts of it don’t apply. For example, I certainly don’t have a problem that I want to solve, and there’s no scenario other then it being a performance. Maybe there are ways to approximate these processes, but from my experience in artistic projects, it is really hard to fit in this. Anyways, here’s as far as I got:

Idea: creating sound, light and movement as a single piece.
Error:  there is nothing wrong, this is just something I want to explore.
Metaphor: I also don’t think there’s anything metaphorical here, in a sense that there’s nothing I am trying to say.
Scenario and model: performance space.
Task: moving and being aware of the changes in the space and in themselves.
Display: light and sound move the performer, the performer moves it.
Control: the math contained in human movement.

I tried approaching the three do/feel/know cycles prototypes using very simple controls in a sketch that I made last year. I left the camera video visible, so that it is possible to understand what I am controlling. Anyways, the frame rate is very slow, and the program rarely responds to my movements with precision. I am hoping, for next week, to already be working with Kinect, and getting better results.

Code to prototype.



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