[LIPP week 1] First videos

Shoot between 5 – 10 minutes of footage with your cell phone (only your cell phone). When shooting this footage think of many different things like texture, movement, light, and color. The goal isn’t to create a composed video but to be open to what you encounter and embrace serendipity. Experiment with how you use your phone camera, what you attach it to, how you move with it.

Write a quick blog post explaining what you captured and how you captured it. If you feel comfortable doing so, upload the footage as well.

I have no experience with cameras, but I frequently use my phone to document interesting textures. For this assignment, I started by doing what I usually do, expanding my collection of small texture videos. After a few videos, I realized that, due to the fact that most of the textures are static images, I have developed a method to add movement to them. I usually position the camera in one edge of the texture, in the closest point in which it can still focus clearly, and move around the texture linearly to the other edge.

My exploration was, then, to discover other ways to make this textures interesting. I tried rotating the camera – which led to very cheesy footage, not complaining -, not being too close to the texture, moving towards it and back, exploring the focus, not moving the camera, and handling objects so that they created textures. I am also very used to documenting textures for social media purposes, so I have a few videos that I automatically recorded on portrait orientation, for then realizing it would probably be more useful in landscape.

In my work as a VJ, I mainly explore textures as light over skin, so the images that I use are, in fact, static textures that I add movement to – mostly digitally made. I also figured that, dealing with the proposition of this class, maybe it would be interesting to have some images that are not just textures, so I can try to experiment with things other than seeing video as light. With that, I recorded a longer video of one of my bike rides, and also details of a video call to try to play with that as a support for experimenting the textures.

Link to videos.

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