Animated illustration experiment

I have never really seen an AR piece that was super interesting to me, so it was pretty hard to get inspiration for this. My first idea was to try tracking my face, to make something out of it related the end of the semester feelings, but I couldn’t upload any trackable pictures to Vuforia. I tried a few images of my face with different lighting, and they all turned out to have no tracking points. I also tried to use a picture of my eyes only, but it also didn’t work.

I remembered that a friend tagged me in a video of an AR exhibition that was basically animations coming out of the illustrations exhibited. I feel like the video is probably much more interesting then the actual experience of being there, because we don’t have the reference of the actual space, so it looks like the things are actually happening without the intermediation of the screens.

In the Unity lab we had in class, I made a sketch in my iPad to use as a tracker. I then decided to continue to use it, and make a similar experiment using those shapes.



I created a few ellipses to fill the shapes, and applied the shape’s colors to them. After that, I tried to make them move in and out of the tracking point in different axis, but the shapes would get lost out of the frame.

I then decided to make the movement more predictable and subtle, so that I could control the shapes better. Anyways, they would always get lost, and I couldn’t really figure out what was happening. Later on I started to suspect that the axis I was moving the images on were related to the screen, and not the tracking image, which would make them move in different directions depending on which position the image was being held. I am still not so sure that is the case, because I haven’t found a way to fix it. In the gif below you can see the moment I realize the shapes are making the same movement, only rotating on their own axis.

I then rearranged all the X and Z positions, and added the same script varying the Y position of each shape. It didn’t really act as I expected, but it was certainly the most interesting way of dealing with the pingpong movement I was trying to use. For some reason, the shapes would be very far apart in depth, so I had to go farther away from the camera to see them, but I really like the way they move in relation to the tracker.

Anyways, I feel like my difficulties with the scripts are related to the position of the tracker. Maybe I even prefer the still shapes just hanging around on top of the image, but it was sure interesting to try to figure out other possibilities.

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