Virtual Soup: After Effects animation

This assignment was made in collaboration with Karina Hyland.

From the proposal presented in this post, we gathered both static and moving textures of water, plastic and metal, and green screen videos of many different kinds of sea creatures. We masked the textures water into the moving creatures, and added them one by one to the frame, increasing the number of textures and creatures in it over time to build a sea out of the layered textures. Half way through, we did the same with the inorganic textures, adding them over time until they created their own inorganic world.

After that was done, we discussed how the sound could help in this creation, and Karina proposed the Nat Geo narration. She found the one that we used and we figured out that it was a good choice right away. The narrator mentions the virtual soup that happens because of the substances in the water, and that was the perfect cue for the title. I feel like the decision of the narration was almost an accident, but it is extremely important and shaped the animation to be what it ended up being. We edited it to follow the disintegration of the organic textures, creating an awkward plastic ocean.

This was an interesting collaboration. I am really happy with the result of this assignment, and I feel confident about the software after doing it.

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