CAN: Stop motion animation

This assignment was made in collaboration with Qice Sun and Arnab Chakravarty.

In the beginning no one had a specific idea, so we decided to work with Qice’s interest in creating stories, and my interest in building a world for the animation. Qice then found this video, that ended up being the inspiration for the material and the story.

Since we wanted to have way more movement than what’s shown in this video, we had a lot of trouble with the cans ripping and creasing, so we had to switch a few times during the shooting.

Since the set was all made with light, soft materials, it would move every time that we moved the character. In the beginning, we were trying to avoid this, but after we decided to take that into the story, and ended up moving the set by hand in each frame.

Another challenge was the support for the can. We attached a magnet to a helping hand, and put another one inside the can. It was a very clever solution, but we had to re-shoot many frames because it was hard to get it out of frame sometimes.

In the storyboard, we had a few more shots then we ended up having, but we couldn’t find a good transition for the butterfly to fly from the world we created for the trash can to a realistic world, and I feel like the confirmation of what the space is may be missing in the final piece.

We shot the first 200 frames in the trial version without noticing that there was a watermark on it, so we had to try erasing it, which certainly doesn’t look the best, but seemed more reasonable than reshooting everything.

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