LaTurbo Avedon + avatars & the future

This week we are having LaTurbo Avedon as a guest speaker in our class. LaTurbo is an artist that is an avatar. LaTurbo is an avatar, and doesn’t correspond to someone else’s actions in virtual spaces.

These two articles were the readings for this topic: The Artist in the Internet and The Unreal World and Work of LaTurbo Avedon. From that, you can have an idea of what Laturbo does and how they live, but it is still very hard to understand how that happens. I am really curious about the different looks that they have in the different environments, since I always believed an avatar to be a single-platform representation.

My first question is considering gender, since both readings refer to LaTurbo as “she”. I was wondering about the choice of a feminine representation, since this is an avatar with no human doesn’t have gender at all. But, while browsing through their website, I realized it always uses they/them pronouns to refer to LaTurbo, which makes me believe that this is something that is in discussion through their character creation process. Anyways, it seems like being a feminine avatar is always LaTurbo’s choice, and I wonder why that is.

This leads me to another question, that is, if LaTurbo doesn’t correspond to someone, and is a cross-platform avatar with a variety of possible appearances, what is the border that separates LaTurbo from the rest of the digital space? Or, who is LaTurbo?


I have no idea how are we going to interact with this avatar in class, and I love it. I’ll make an edit in this post with how things worked with her in person.




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