Lab 1: Switches and pushbuttons

Link to Lab 1: Switches and Pushbuttons.

I had very little time to work on this lab, so I decided to use it to understand better those oddly shaped little things I had as materials. First, I set up the breadboard, and made a 9V battery connector by cutting out a power adapter and soldering the two wires to make them fit the board.

Then, I chose to use a pushbutton, a photocell and a thermistor to turn some LEDs on. I connected them all in series, so that you’d need to hold all switches on to get to the end of the LED row.

It worked, though I couldn’t really figure out how to change the resistance of the thermistor. With that, I decided to add two more switches: a toggle, and two wires that should be placed together.


It also worked fine, except for the thermistor, and the photocell LED wouldn’t ever get to 100%. Here’s a video of the outcome:

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