Possible directions

I started playing around with Processing in 2014, and it showed me many possibilities within my research. I am very interested in the relations between space – architecture, sound, and light – and bodies on stage, so I have been using code to design texturized lighting, that act as intense space modifiers.

I began to design projections in 2013, with very simple shapes and softwares, often using Photoshop and just painting over the performers’ bodies. In 2015 I made my first visual code for stage, and since then I’ve been using Processing to design the projections that are used as part of the lighting, along with conventional fixtures.

My last work in that direction (that is still in process) is a light intrument to be played by the band Musa Híbrida in the tour of their new album pvip. They have recently released a visual version of the album using the tool:

With that experience, I can imagine a few possible directions with this work. For this term, I would like to create a simple installation to convert movement into sound and visuals. I have seen a few similar things to what I imagine, so I don’t see this as a supercool art idea or anything like that, but I believe that this project would make me go way deeper into visual possibilities with code, and I would have access to all the tools I may need for going deeper in other projects until the end of the program.

Here are a few links for works that inspire me and somehow relate to the things I want to do in the next months:

Vj Suave (BR) – Suaveciclo




Adam Ferriss (US) – Instagram posts with weird mobile-based things

Apart from that, I am eager to find ways of making these kind of projects accessible in the Brazilian / Latin-American context, and I believe in both mobile projects and artwork in public spaces to be ways to do it.

What will I have to say about this in two years?


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